The Wolf Of Talfryn

This page is dedicated to my ongoing little project, The Wolf Of Talfryn. Things are getting real, peoples!

Stay on the lookout for more announcements coming soon!!

~Madeleine ❤

Status: Novelette. Draft 2 COMPLETE.

Genre: Fantasy

Wordcount: 15,800

Blog Post: The Long Awaited Post About My WIP In Editing


“I leapt to my feet. I stumbled, but then gained balance. I had to run away from my family. From my home, the village of Talfryn. I had to leave the only place I had ever known.”

For six years, Blaidd has been living with wolves in the Teithio Forest. Hiding both from his past and the shadowed men that murdered his family, he has attempted to forget everything that is connected to anything that hurts. But one day, he accidentally reunites with someone he used to know who desperately needs his help. Pain resurfaces quickly and Blaidd is then faced with a question. Will he return to Talfryn to save his friend’s dying sister, or will he stay hidden from all oppressing memories of his past life?

– 5.23.18 –

I am finishing up editing the first draft and am planning on putting up an alpha call on Ydubs soon!!! ❤

– 6.8.18 –

The document has been sent out to alphas and I’m finishing typing the edits into the second draft!! (if any of you Ydubbers who follow me want to alpha, send me a PM!)


The doc has finished alphaing and has actually been uploaded to Wattpad for a test run!!! Will be taken down for another round of edits on October 5th.


I finished draft two! I will upload the rest of it on Wattpad soon. 🙂


It’s all loaded onto Wattpad!!! Go check it out!! It comes down on October 5th!


Something exciting happened that I will be talking about later this month!!!