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Have you been wondering what I’ve been writing?

Well, here you are!

I have created a lovely page full of all my projects that are in the process of being completed for you guys!

Please remember that all of the ideas, excerpts, synopses, and titles you see here belong to me, Madeleine. These aren’t to be copied. Please be kind. 🙂

*Most of the images I used from Pinterest, with the exception of the watercolor bird painting. That is mine. 🙂 *


The Shard Of Hope Book 1 mock TAKE 3 - UPDATED

Mirage Of Shards

Status: Novel. DRAFT 1 IN PROGRESS.

Genre: Dystopian/SciFi

Wordcount: 55,645

no synopsis yet! 🙂


Brietta Of Skylas collage

Brietta Of Skylas


Genre: Fantasy

Wordcount: 40,030

“Just as life was starting to go right, things took an unexpected turn.”

In a somewhat unfortunate way, Brietta Swiftland finds herself in a most uncomfortable position. Recently kicked out by her stepmother, she is now roaming the streets of Skylas in search of some way out of her current situation. When all else seems hopeless, she meets a boy who invites her into The Slum Strikers, a gang of homeless children who steal for a living. On her first mission, however, she is caught and dragged before Her Majesty Queen Carys. However, Carys’ response is shocking. Soon Brietta embarks on a highly dangerous endeavor to the Shadow Fortress, the home of the evil that has held Skylas in its grip for so long. Will Brietta ultimately defeat the Shadow Queen? Or will Skylas be lost forever?

Blaidd collage

The Wolf Of Talfryn 

Status: Novelette. Draft 2 COMPLETE.

Genre: Fantasy

Wordcount: 15,800

I leapt to my feet. I stumbled, but then gained balance. I had to run away from my family. From my home, the village of Talfryn. I had to leave the only place I had ever known.”

For six years, Blaidd has been living with wolves in the Teithio Forest. Hiding both from his past and the shadowed men that murdered his family, he has attempted to forget everything that is connected to anything that hurts. But one day, he accidentally reunites with someone he used to know who desperately needs his help. Pain resurfaces quickly and Blaidd is then faced with a question. Will he return to Talfryn to save his friend’s dying sister, or will he stay hidden from all oppressing memories of his past life?

Cover With Author (1)

Starling’s Story

Status: Short story. COMPLETED.

Genre: Fantasy

Wordcount: 3,281

Parents Talaia and Aita know the dangers of the world outside of Covert Forest are violent and too much for their little bird, Starling. But one decision they make impacts Starling for the rest of her life. Should they let her fly free, or keep her safe from the evil that the Hawks bring?