dawn // the start of a new season

hello friends!

it’s been six months, probably close to seven, since the last time I posted something on this beloved blog of mine. as I left, it was extremely clear to me that God wanted me to let go of some things. I needed to take a break. I needed to tune into my Father.

after the hiatus, I can safely say that God worked in astounding and new ways. I’ve been trying to think of what to post for several days now. how do you sum up seven-ish months worth of miracles and surprises?

to put it simply, the Lord has made it clear that my life is taking a different direction than I had expected for so long. for instance, when I graduate, I will be taking a gap year. during that time, I get to participate in a wonderful internship opportunity. after that time, He has made it clear that I will not be attending a traditional college. I am not sure what exactly will be happening, but I am looking forward to what that part of my adventure holds.

as soon as I started this break from my blog, the Lord began opening so many doors I wouldn’t have been able to open myself. from livestreaming worship sets on monday afternoons on my family worship channel to spending saturday mornings reading the Bible with some of my favorite people ever, I have grown so much in the last seven months. I am so thankful for that time I took apart from this blog.

“Sometimes surrender isn’t pretty. It isn’t nice. It’s letting yourself stay open for the Lord to rearrange things inside you. Yet even in the midst of the sorting, He is still gracious and kind. He stays close in the midst of wondering. He is close while you cry over what you wanted to happen. I don’t know how God works, but I do know that He is never going to abandon me.”

it’s hard to believe I wrote these words in June. that feels so far away. it’s 2021 now. the year flew by.

as I’ve prayed about this, I know it’s time to put this blog aside. God used this for a specific time and season in my life. that season is over, and I am looking to the new things that God has for me. Jesus has transformed my life in an unexpected but welcome way since June 2020. He has shown me so much grace. so much abundance. so much love.

with that love, I am strong enough to move into where He wants me.

don’t fret, however, I still do music on YouTube. that’ll be my primary source of content, if you are interested in that.

but as Bilbo Baggins said, “I regret to announce that this is the end, I’m going now.” that quote is a little more sad. luckily, he also said, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.” that has a lot more hope.

this life is a big adventure, and it is full of smaller ones. I’m thankful to this tiny blog for playing a major role in that big adventure.

dear little blog, you were a safe place for me to write my thoughts down. you grew more than I ever thought you would. thank you for holding me and grounding me. God used you in massive ways. thank you. ❤

and thank you, friends, for walking this with me. you were all so encouraging. you loved me well every step of the way. thank you.

to Jesus, thank You for teaching me so much about myself and about Your heart for me through this blog. I love you forever.

this is just the beginning.


6 thoughts on “dawn // the start of a new season

  1. Maddy I am constantly astounded by your growth and your faith and just how you take each step in life. I’ve loved this season and I’m excited for the next. I really have no other words. I’m just always amazed.

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  2. I loved following your blog, so thank you for all that you posted 🙂 I checked out your Bridegroom sessions on YouTube and they’re really great and a reminder to spend time with Jesus. Thanks so much for sharing them! It’s nice to have some more worship sessions to listen to online.

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