quarantine rituals // how I am staying productive during our lovely lockdown

Hey y’all!

My school year is drawing to a close soon (thank goodness) and I have had more time to be productive! Honestly, this past week has been fantastic. I’ve been able to get so much done in normal hours of the day. I’m writing this at a normal hour (because i normally write these at like 12:30 am, full disclosure 😉 ) and that is making me really happy.

As quarantine has progressed, it’s made me realize that I don’t like feeling behind. As a highly ritualistic (ritualistic??) person, I have a certain way that I like to do things, and I like to know I have enough time to do things “the way they are supposed to be done.”

I don’t like the feeling of getting up late, knowing how much I could have accomplished by that point. I don’t like feeling like I am failing at anything. I like feeling fresh and clean and on task.

I’m sure you have seen around one hundred million “quarantine schedule!” videos or posts by now, and I have as well. Some are helpful, and some make you feeling like a empty trash bag floating down an empty street (because Corona). I’ll share some of my favorites at the end of this post, to make us all feel better. 🙂

Make yourself a nice cup of tea (or whatever) and I’ll get started!

7:00 am – wake up

Recently, I’ve been trying to wake up at 7. This was my “wake up for school” time for the past two years, but with the whole pandemic thing happening right after an international trip, I kinda let myself go as far as strict wake up times. XD

I find that when I wake up with enough time to sit in my own morning thoughts, I feel a lot better. I like to wake up, wash my face, then head downstairs to throw together something to eat. I also like to listen to a worship playlist or album while I do this to let my mind focus. I have been loving the new Bethel “Peace” album. For food lately, I’ve been really into putting hot sauce and cheddar cheese on scrambled eggs and wrapping it in a tortilla. 10/10, tastes like perfection for a half-asleep human. Also coffee.

7:30 to 8:30 am – bible/jesus time

I have a specific spot on our couch that I like to sit on and read my bible. I have been reading a “Bible in a Year” plan, which has been fantastic. I am realizing how much of the Old Testament I haven’t read. XD After that, I’ll either journal for a little while or sit there and talk with Jesus. I love that time.

Currently I’m reading through 1 Samuel and Luke. I forgot how much I love David and Jonathan’s friendship.

8:45 – get ready

This is when I put on an outfit, clean my room, put on a little makeup if I have zoom calls, and overall just prepare for my day. Recently, I really enjoy just taking the time to get ready. If you haven’t noticed, I really like thinking, so this time provides EXCELLENT time to be in my head. 🙂

Also at this time, I usually let myself check my phone for notifications. This usually is just me catching up on my best friend’s texts from last night (3 hour difference is hard, y’all), emails from random writing things, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I may be addicted to that game.

9:15 am – school

Depending on my work load/motivation to do anything, this can take the majority of my day, or all of my day. As of late, it hasn’t which has been really nice. Obviously, I don’t do much school work on the weekends, but when I have weekend deadlines (or large things that I have procrastinated that have to happen right then), I try to do at least some work.

Gosh I’m sounding like such a pretentious person. “so yeah that’s kinda just how I get my work done, because you obviously want to know how I do it all, huh?” i hope you were all imagining either major vocal fry or hardcore valley girl voice

I have four classes that require zoom calls, and honestly I like knowing that at such and such a time, I have to be normal and ready for class. It’s very helpful in keeping me on track.

Another thing that has been extremely helpful and I only got it this morning is a website blocker. The one I’ve been using has a “nuclear block” function, where it blocks you from doing anything than what you have said you are going to do on your computer. This is really helpful for me because I get distracted by everything really easily. It’s super simple for me to forget that I am working on notes and then find myself watching YouTube videos forty-five minutes later. 🙂 So I like it so far! (also when you click “block,” it pops up a little thing basically going “are you sure? may God have mercy on your soul” and I don’t know why but it’s the funniest thing to me)

somewhere from 12 to 3 pm – eat lunch

I don’t know what to tell you. Some days I don’t remember to eat until like 3:30. Eating breakfast regularly has really helped me stay on track with eating at normal meal times, but even then, we all have moments, don’t we?

3:30 pm – secondary responsibilities

This is the time I have been using for finishing things that matter a little less. For instance, writing a blog post or working out. I need to do these things, but they are a lot less time-sensitive than writing a journal entry for English or doing chemistry notes. During this time the past couple days, I have been practicing worship music with my family, practicing ukulele parts for the We Are Nameless “coronapocalypse” upcoming series, facetiming friends, and lying on my bed watching YouTube (surprise surprise).

somewhere between 5 and 8 pm – dinner

Have I mentioned we as a family get caught up in our heads frequently? For people who like food, we sure eat late. Actually I just realized what it is; because we love food so much, we debate what to do for dinner and then by the time we decide, it’s dark. What can I say? 😀

8:30 pm – get ready for bed

I’ve started getting ready for bed earlier the past couple days, and I love it. My family likes to joke about me taking two hours to get ready for bed. Actually, it’s not even a joke, it’s just true. Depending on how focused I am and how much time I spend thinking/singing in the shower, it takes me one and a half hours to fully get completely ready for bed. This includes showering, skincare routine, making sure my hair is not going to look funky in the morning, and brushing my teeth/retainer. and in that order because I am particular

You know, now that it’s all out on a blog post, I am upset at how long it takes me to get ready because that is not actually a lot. Well, hm. I’ll be working on that next I guess. XD

somewhere from 9:30 to 10:30 pm – read

I have begun putting my phone in my parents room when I get ready for bed because I like letting my brain relax. Usually I listen to classical music in my airpods while I do this because it’s calming. After I’m all ready to sleep, I get in bed and read. As of late, I’ve been reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I’m in love with it. Alyosha is fantastic and must be protected.

All joking aside, I highly recommend this book. It’s my first time reading it, and truth be told, I’m only six chapters in (which actually is saying something when you look at the length, but I digress). But even so, I am in love with the conversational tone with which he writes this book. This is my first time reading Dostoevksy and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

As I said before, I am only six chapters in, so I may retract the previous statements further in the book, but as for right now, it is proving to be a very good book to read before bed.

And after this, I go to bed! That’s my day! I’ve been loving the effectiveness, so while I have only been using this a week or so, I will continue to use it. I’m really hoping that in using this routine, once summer hits, I won’t have the Big Motivation Crash that I normally have after school ends. So far, so good!

other lovely quarantine schedules

I recently bumped into Ruby Granger’s channel and I instantly fell head over heels in love with everything about it. She’s really why I started “trying to get my life together” or at least trying to wake up earlier and make clear-cut “study/homework” times. This is one of my favorites of her recent videos. She is delightful, and I always feel motivated when I watch her videos.

Additionally, Jack Edwards is another one of my favorites right now. He is great, and I love how naturally productive he is. Fair warning, he does use some language in his videos, but the one below doesn’t have any. He is very witty, and both he and Ruby inspire me to get. things. done.

I have realized that a majority of my favorite YouTubers right now are British and quite often university students…. Hm. Welp, don’t know what to tell you. OH and the two listed above are both English Lit majors… Hmmmmm.

Additionally, I have been enjoying the Neon Impasse album by City Girl. Great lofi artist, if you are interested in that type of thing. Oh, I forgot, maybe I have mentioned this before but I also am loving the Lavender album by Benjamin Torrens. 🙂 These are both great.

Well, that’s all for now, my friends. Stay safe and wash your hands, etc. I’m so grateful for you guys!

See ya soon! ❤


7 thoughts on “quarantine rituals // how I am staying productive during our lovely lockdown

  1. Ohh if you’re reading Dostoevsky I recommend Crime and Punishment! Also the thing about eating food late — I wish that I could do this, but I legitimately just get tired and sad whenever I go without eating for a long time. I loved reading this post, you rock ❤

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