check in // a short ramble

Hey y’all!

You know, for a writer, I sure have a hard time actually writing. Life has been crazy lately, and while that is no excuse, it has still been exceptionally hard to actually get myself motivated to do anything. A n y t h i n g.

I suppose that that is a sort of lie that I’m buying into – the idea that I’m exhausted all the time and then when I get a break I need to “rest up.” While that makes me feel good, it sure isn’t making me any more productive after. Usually, I end up having to make up the time I lost “resting.”

It’s a really unfortunate circumstance because we (and by we, I mean my sweet baby Jaxen Flaherty and Artemis Griffiths) are still stuck in chapter 13 of all places. They’re just chilling on the floor in a hallway and I’m out here binge-watching Agent Carter on Disney+. (fantastic show btw but not if you’re trying to write a book or keep up with academic pursuits…)

I’m not good at handling time, but I’m working on that. In that line of thought, today isn’t going to be long. Just a stream of consciousness flowing on a web page because heaven knows I have enough to write this week. I got B I G paper due on Sunday so that’s happening, plus I’m trying to finish chapter 13 because hello it’s not nice to leave them hanging. 🙂

All that to say, I’m just doing a little check-in because blogging is not the main focus of my life this week. It would be foolish of me to spend an insane amount of time to think of something to write, only to not see much payoff other than the satisfying notification on my phone that pops up saying my post went up.

I’m sure you guys get this. Time is important. What we do with our time is important. This is a really hard lesson for me, and I feel a little hypocritical even posting something like this knowing that after I do, I’ll probably go watch a 44 minute episode of Anne With An E. (another topic of discussion: I have been bingeing watching the Netflix series recently and oh my gosh I love it so much. obviously, there are several topics of which I’m like “um no” but hoooooooo we love a good Gilbert Blythe, amiright)

Even so, I encourage all of us to evaluate and take a step back where we see our time not being used wisely. For me, this is going to look like taking a large step back from the amount of time I spend on YouTube. It is a waste of time, no matter how fun it is. I have several large projects, and I don’t have time to spend 35 minutes watching a Disneyland vlog. no matter how fun that is

Anyways, I hope this tiny post was encouraging? Maybe not completely, but I do hope I was able to bring some stuff to mind. 🙂 I know it’s hard to focus on tasks at hand, but I believe we can do it together.

Speaking of, I changed my letterboard yesterday. It used to have a lovely Carrie Hope Fletcher quote, but now it says “school is tough but so are you” because that’s the kind of positivity I need in my life. You know that part in Return of the King where Aragorn pulls out his giant double-bladed sword and says “For Frodo.” and then just takes off running at the bad guys? That’s me. Let’s go, y’all. Finish the school year strong.

Well, ya know, I got school off today because of heavy rain and lots of sickness, so I’m going to make some coffee and sit down and work hard. I encourage you to work hard too! We’re all gonna feel better when we get stuff done. 😀

So go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


13 thoughts on “check in // a short ramble

    1. Yeah I’ve realized that I have found two utterly fantastic shows at the worst point for me in life ever😂am I still gonna binge? Heck yeah man. I love Peggy and Jarvis too much to not.


  1. Ahhh loved this post! I recently binged Anne with an E *hides face* and I LOVED it ❤️❤️❤️ I definitely don’t agree with all the concepts or content in it but for the most part it’s really good! What season/episode are u on?!? I’d totally fan girl with u 😉
    ‘School is hard but so are u’ is an awesome quote, good luck on school and everything! 💕💕💕
    Btw, I’m a newish blogger and I love ur blog loll

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    1. Yes!! I’m in love with the show because it’s just so pretty so how can you not love it!! I just finished s3ep5 and it may have been my favorite so far. My goodness this show. Season three has made me cry (read: sob) with every single episode so far and I’m totally here for it😂
      And congrats on blogging!! It’s a wonderful way to share your words❤️and thank you I like my blog too😂

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      1. YESSSS it’s gorgeous 😍 O my word season 3 had me crying so so much :((( it’s so sad. I don’t remember what has happened so far by s3ep5 o I won’t spoil anything but have fun watching the rest! I love the end but I’m so sad it’s over 😭
        Thank you! I’ve been loving it! ❤️

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  2. Totally get it, sometimes you just need to step back for a while until the motivation gets back (and binge-watch Netflix ofc!) 💪 Take your time and maybe a cup of tea or two ☺️☕️🕺 And good luck with your paper!

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  3. Oh, my, gosh! I feel the same way about writing. This year I want to get published, but I and my story are stuck on chapter 7. My character, Sigurd, is having a pity party (a *huge* one) and I can’t seem to get him out of it. The annoying thing is, he seems to be *enjoying* it!

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  4. *checks date on the post*

    Wait, I’m HOW far behind on my emails? 😅

    Sorry I wasn’t here to shower you with the encouragement and compliments you needed at this time; I’m going to be trying to catch up! But all the same, I’ll just say that I’m sure you’ve got this! No matter what day (like 3 months ago *cough cough* or today) what time, or wherever, you just keep that Aragon mentality and run with your super epic sword.

    *pauses to wonder if that made any sense*

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