wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings // favorites from summer

Hey y’all!

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of August. Crazy to think that summer has only lasted two months, but here we are, at the start of another school year. I am really excited for this one, not only because of the classes I’m taking, but because I’m looking forward to seeing what God is going to be doing in my life. There is at least one possible mission trip, and I am thrilled to follow where He leads.

But for the moment, I turn around to look back on my summer. It was a really great one, at least as far as summers go. There were so many things that happened, so many things I was able to accomplish. As threatening as the new season may always seem, we are able to take away that feelings’ power by remembering what God has done in the past.

For one, I wrote a devotional for our Wednesday night prayer and worship sessions. I am very pleased with how it turned out, but honestly that was completely God’s doing. Words are some of my favorite things but in situations like that, it is only God’s words I want to write. You will probably be seeing more on this devotional later. 🙂 🙂

I got to go on two amazing trips, one to Kansas City, another to Alaska and Canada. They were different from each other, but each one was awe-inspiring, though they each presented this in different forms. My trip to Kansas City was awe-inspiring in a more relational aspect. It was really faith building in that I’m not alone in the values I hold and the ways that I think. It also was a great way to become closer to the people at church who I love. 🙂 The Alaska/Canada trip was awe-inspiring by way of nature. God speaks in many ways to me, but nature is definitely high on the list. From the mountains to the endless roses in Butchart Gardens, God’s infinite magnificence as well as His amazing creativity became really clear to me.

I truly believe that this was my summer to bloom. I not only believe it; I saw it. And now that chapter closes. But not without one final farewell on the moments and memories.

*old projector starts rolling and creaking in the back of the room*

1 . As the ’18-’19 school year ended, I finished out the Carrie Hope Fletcher challenge, May, Myself, and I! That was a real challenge, let me tell you. I wrote a piece of poetry based on each day’s prompt, and boy, was it fun. Tiring, but fun. 😀

2 . I found the Starbucks Dragon Drink and simultaneously finished the first book in the Mistborn Series by Branden Sanderson. I would highly recommend both.

3 . Me, my dad, and my brother went and saw Tolkien in the theaters. Oh my GOSH. We just rewatched it because it came out on Amazon a week or two ago, and my word it’s a good movie. It was probably my favorite movie this summer. Obviously, there were things I didn’t enjoy about it, but that was probably only like a few minutes of this two hour long spectacular about an author who is very dear to me. Please go watch it. ❤ ❤

4 . I recorded at least four covers of songs! I haven’t posted a couple, but I did record them. I am always listening to music going “I wanna do that” and it is super fun to try and do it yourself. It’s kind of like taking something you love and then turning it into something different with your mark on it. They’re never perfect, but they are fun to create. It gives me something to stretch my musical abilities and listening ear-wise.

5 . I spent an inordinate amount of time singing in an empty house with gorgeous instrumentals that I found on YouTube. I haven’t posted these either, but I like documenting how my singing voice grows as I challenge it with more broadway. xD

6 . I got cute short overalls from Old Navy. I love them.

7 . I went and saw Aladdin (twice)! I will always love the original, so I like this version in it’s own way. I think Will Smith did a lovely job, especially considering he had to follow Robin Williams. The bright colors and cultural richness were things that brought me great delight.

8 . I bought/was given many bouquets of sunflowers. It was wonderful.

9 . I went and saw the national tour of Finding Neverland. That was the most insanely inspiring, moving, and touching shows I think I had ever seen. I cried the moment the orchestra started and the little light pixie was thrown out from behind the curtains and began twinkling and dancing over the audience. I lost it, man.

10 . I watched the Jimmy Awards live stream! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the Tony Awards, but for the insanely talented high school students of America. Hoooooly smoookes. If you ever want to feel simultaneously inspired and almost envious, you should watch these kids. Every single one of them was amazing, and the winners were jaw-dropping.

11 . I tried the tie-dye frappuchino special. It was interesting. It just tasted like sugar and sugar that was trying to be a banana but the disguise was failing. Soooo…

12 . I saw a sign in the Starbucks at the Nashville airport that said “wot n’ hydration” and because it was like 5:45 in the morning, I laughed hysterically and took a picture.

13 . I listened to the Moana soundtrack while sitting on the balcony over the open ocean passing beneath us. No, I did not do it ironically. XD

14 . I saw salmon flavored jelly beans in Skagway. I did not try them. I simply shook my head and sighed at the state of the world. xD


16 . I listened to the Sleeping At Last podcast on type Four on the enneagram and how he wrote the song based on it. It made my day. I am a four. I felt so seen. xD

17 . It’s August! My best friend and I have deemed it Tuck Month; a month in which we follow a writing/conversational prompt based around one of our favorite musicals, Tuck Everlasting! So far, so good. #thestoryofthetucks #it’sthefirstdayofaugust1893

18 . I made oatmeal maple scones and then chocolate chip cookie bars. I freak out when my parents go on trips and apparently the response is to bake??? Idek guys. Either way, the scones and cookies are delicious.

19 . I started reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It is a wonderful book, set just after WWII in England. The fascinating thing is that it is entirely comprised of letters written to and from the characters. It certainly makes it a fun read. (i do not agree with many of the values expressed in this book XD nonetheless it is a lovely book set in a time period I adore. )

20 . You would think that there would have to be twenty items in this list. You would be wrong. This list ends at #19. And that is okay. Just like 19 is an odd number, sometimes life is odd. And I believe that it’s the everyday oddities that make life fun. 🙂

So it’s grand total time!

Number of books read: 7/30. Yeah I’m saddened too. XD it was a noble attempt. My brain was too scattered. But I am proud of those seven that I finished.

Number of new musicals found and added to the collection: 6! They are all beautiful, but I think my favorites of the summer were Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 and then of course Hadestown. Two very different shows, but still two very well-crafted pieces of art. I will love them forever.

Total words written: somewhere around 6,538 words. I don’t know for sure. At least on my google documents. I am not sure. XD I wrote wayyy more on other things that I can’t actually count. Idk. Trust me. 😀

I just realized that I never clarified this had nothing to do with geese, like I mentioned in the title. XD The title was supposed to be clever because… ya know… favorite things… *chuckles to herself*

That’s all for today, my friends! I can’t believe school has started. It will be a beautiful, growth-filled year. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


4 thoughts on “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings // favorites from summer

  1. oh THATS why you asked if 19 was an odd number.

    Also I just wanted to add- all credit for Tuck Month and it’s prompts belongs to @davey-in-a-minivan on tumblr, I just found it and thought it looks super fun (it is!!)

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