little sayings // a couple of my favorite classmates quotes from the school year

Hey y’all!



*dancing with praise hands*

*falls asleep*

*just kidding it’s summer there is no sleep ever (which is not unlike the school year but shhhh)*

So I thought it’d be fun to go back through all the quotes from my friends that I wrote down in the margins of my planner and notebooks all year. It was a really great year, not only because of the school but also like my classmates are hilarious? Like abnormally so?

Anyway, yeah that’s what is happening today! Buckle up, kids!

You’re gonna take over? No, I’m gonna take over.” “Or we could take over together…?” “…nah”

“Is it legal to assassinate the babysitter?” “Only if you ain’t got witnesses…”

“Society is a box. Break free.” “So like a cardboard box or what are we talking here?”

“I never look like a fool… alright, unless I mean to.”

“The Constitution is trending in America today!!”

“Who elects the president if the electoral college fails?” “Me.” “No.”

“I am pretty sure God did not give us pumpkins to eat.”

“Why doesn’t it have “em” on it too? People are dumb. This is dumb. America today is stupid.”

“Can we skip a couple I don’t know… months ahead please?”

“I am a mess and I’m proud of it.”

“are you insanity???”

“They’re all faceless people.” “woah that sounds like really creepy and sorta YA novelish.”

“What is this, improper grammar class? I think not, my dude…”

“You’re the teacher.” “YES. Can I be a teacher from Scotland?” “Sure, why not?” *incredible accent* “ALRIGHT LADDIES, I’M A TEACHER FROM SCOTLAND.”

I also wrote this Ten Minutes Ago rewrite when I was dying in math class in February XD

10 Minutes are left in math class, but soon I know I’ll be free; geometry’s crappy and we’re not too happy so room 1 is lacking all glee

In the end of our day, we’re stuck here, and we’re never allowed to use pens; but there’s not much use wishing not to return because I know we’ll be back here again

I hate math class, we all hate math class, and there’s no point in persuading me… If I pass this, I;ll be mathless, or at least until the start of next spring

Yeah idk what that was especially considering that our classes start in the fall? Maybe I was fishing for a rhyme. Idk. XD In all honestly, I reallly didn’t hate my math class. I loved my teacher and it was a really chill class. I think I was just a little tired that day XD.

“Hi I’m not qualified to be teaching here, but here we are.”

“For sure, paganism.”

“I’m upset. We can’t wear hoodies, but we can bring GOATS to school???”

“Me and him are gonna wear a crop top and short shorts to my wedding.” “…You will never find a woman to love you.”

“what do you get when you shoot a cow with a shot gun?” “Probably a really bad pun?” “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You get a holy cow!”

“I’m allergic to cats, penicillin, and sesame seeds. I have to avoid Asian food because of the sesame oil.” “Yeah and cats, they put cats in there too. That’s a double whammy right there.”

“That’s worse, and I’m not tryin’ to get caught on fire…”

“Yes, idiot, I am struggling, so leave me the flip alone!”

“Bob is in equilibrium.”

“Good job, you retard.”

“The HEART pumps the blood, you moron!!”

“phonics! f-o-n-i-k-s. that was a good joke, for those of you who didn’t laugh. I’m not going to explain it because you’re probably thinkin I spelled it right…”


So that’s my list of out of context quotes from my school year. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Also as a little side note, I’ve been doing a YouTube thing lately inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher called “May, Myself, and I” and it is simultaneously the most fun and worst thing ever at the same time. My brain hurts. I have been writing poems every single day for the month of May. XD

Here is the large playlist! 🙂

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


6 thoughts on “little sayings // a couple of my favorite classmates quotes from the school year

  1. 😆 These are so funny! Your class sounds about as normal as my homeschool group one.
    *During cross examination of a debate*
    “All right, I have one last question: Have you ever killed a duck?”
    “Have you ever killed a duck?”
    “Um, no.”

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