seventy-five little things // allow me to elaborate

Hey y’all!

Lately, I’ve realized that I haven’t told you like tiny details about me that make up me. That sounds weird, but I always try to make that a part of relationships. I want to know the little things, not just what people can see from the outside.

Because as many of you know, people are not always what they display from their exterior. (That can be good and bad😂)

I like to know tiny things about friends. Maybe it’s my personality, but I really could care less about small talk subjects. I do care about you and your interests, but please for the love of everything don’t ask me typical questions about myself. XD

After realizing this about myself, I began to learn more things about my friends. It tends to build deeper relationships.

So, today I’m going to tell you seventy-five tiny little details about me. I think it’ll be good, because other than my writing style and occasional update, y’all don’t know toooo much about me. (Actually unless you are my family or friend. Hm never mind)

I think it’ll be fun! Brace yourself for the randomness!

  1. My middle name is Marie. I love it because my full name rolls off your tongue when you say it. “Madeleine Marie…” mm it makes me happy.
  2. I was raised on Telli Tubbies and the golden years of Disney (Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, etc)
  3. I was also raised on Kraft Mac&Cheese. I still eat it on a regular basis, for those of you who are wondering. XD
  4. I play around six instruments. Piano, ukulele, guitar, vocal chords (XD), tin whistle, and a little mandolin.
  5. I have two stuffed animals that I sleep with at night: Oatmeal (who is a bear) and an octopus who i just realized I never named… hm
  6. I am an ever optimistic bookworm, meaning I adore books but I like to think about reading book more than I actually do. It’s a problem I am hoping to fix over summer.
  7. I was born in Southern California, moved to Pennsylvania when I was 11 (although we moved three times in PA), and then moved to East Tennessee almost a year ago.
  8. Subsequently, I am fed up with moving. 🙂
  9. I am overly supportive of hats despite the fact that I own bunches that I never actually wear?
  10. I have calligraphy sheet music for “In Christ Alone” that is autographed by Keith Getty (the writer of the song) and it hangs on my wall.
  11. I have a Rend Collective poster that is also autographed and it hangs on the wall opposite the other poster.
  12. I have a section of my wall above my desk entirely devoted to sticky notes and little arty drawings of mine. Most of them contain stupid things my brain said and I thought it was funny. XD
  13. One of my mom’s cousins used to make little wire and bead sparkly fairy headbands (that’s the best way I can describe it sorry) and I wear it whenever I feel inspired to boost my happy level or uninspired to regain that wonder of life. I dance around my room too.
  14. There are about eighty billion 2-page drafts of eleven year old Maddy’s genius storylines saved on my parents’ computer. They are all are practically identical, by the way. They’re horrendous.
  15. I took a hammer and nails to my wall a few months back (Which btw isn’t something I normally do/my family lets me do) and created a “polaroid wall”. I hung fairy lights around it and now my 38 polaroids live there.
  16. I love fairy lights.
  17. I have a mint green guitar and it is one of the best things ever.
  18. Sunflowers are my favorite flower. It was something God used to speak to me through and it’s been popping up ever since. I painted a watercolor one a month-ish ago.
  19. I am an INFJ in MBTI, and a Type Four in enneagram. (basically a mysterious, introverted, emotional wreck. XD)
  20. My music tastes range from Broadway to twenty one pilots, The Oh Hellos to Jacob Collier, soundtrack to Sleeping At Last and everywhere in between.
  21. Speaking of music, I make playlists for everything. (my dad and I share an apple music account and it annoys the heck out of him. it’s hilarious. it’s why I have my own free spotify because he would lose his mind)
  22. I like shoes but I only have like two pairs that I wear ever…
  23. One time on something (i don’t remember what), there was one of those quiz things like a buzzfeed quiz but for writers. It was “enter a passage of your writing and we’ll tell you what famous author you are like!” and so I’m like “heck yeah” and well… according to the website… I was like some old lady who wrote a whole bunch of vampire erotica…. I died.
  24. I color coded my bookshelves thanks to a blogger friend who did it and I fell in love with it.
  25. I have wayyy too many notebooks and at the same time not enough? And it gets worse because I’m also some sort of crazed notebook purist who likes her notebooks a certain way and if it isn’t perfect, you might as well burn it. Idk guys.
  26. When I was in 1st-5th grade, my church had a really cool theatre program for elementary kids. We’d do Christmas shows and Spring shows and they were both the best thing and the cheesiest thing ever. (when I visited a couple years ago, I got to go to the Christmas one and it was HILARIOUS.) Anyways, I always dreamed of the sassy speaking role or the cute one of the characters. I auditioned every time, nearly killing introvert me in the process, but never got them.
  27. Going with that, I always got the solos. I got a solo THREE. SHOWS. IN A ROW. I think it might have been just because I was a responsible child not to mention I was best friends with the music director’s daughter so that. But Dude. Three shows. I sang a verse of a bouncy song with flashlight choreo called “shine your light” in a tiger outfit (it was toyshop themed that Christmas), I recited a verse at the end of the Easter show with a couple other kids, and then I got to sing a duet with another kid at the Christmas show. Guys, that was my last show with them and I graduated knowing I had played Vinny the Innkeeper’s wife. (thanks Will, you were great and dude our harmonies were fire.)
  29. I broke my left front tooth at a conference in Indiana. Like not chipped, broken in half. It was obvious and I looked so dumb. This is why I don’t play games anymore, I fell on my face during a relay and HA MY IRRATIONAL FEAR OF TEAM SPORTS HAS BACKUP NOW. (you can hardly tell now btw.)
  30. I met Jamie Grace with the idiotic chipped tooth. I don’t think I said anything, I just smiled with my lips shut. (gosh I’m a dork)
  31. I have seen Beauty and The Beast twice (one at Pantages in LA with my best friend, second time at really good regional theater in Lancaster PA.)
  32. I have seen Les Miserables in Philly, and it rocked my world. I have also seen the Anastasia first natl. tour in Nashville. It was so great. But y’all knew that one.
  33. The first musical that I really truly fell in love with was Newsies. I swear, Newsies is the gateway drug of Broadway.
  34. My favorite childhood book would either be The Chronicles of Narnia (i know that’s a series) or Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.
  35. I have been writing since I was 2, but it was mostly Mickey Mouse fanfiction, I’m pretty sure. XD
  36. My brother and I had hermit crabs for a while before we moved to Pennsylvania and they were named Rogers and Hammerstein. They were fond of apples.
  37. I have multiple really, really good memories of summer as a whole. The first is eating ice cream on my porch at the house I was brought home to. I was there until I was six I think, so I still remember playing in sprinklers and all that.
  38. The second is going over to my bestie’s house after we got out of the last day of the school year to eat food and play. We turned on Selena Gomez and danced in the air conditioned living room.
  39. The third is two years ago. When we visited California in the summer, we stayed for a month or so, and I got to go to beach camp with my old friends and it was one of the greatest things ever. On the way back to the campsite at 11:17 pm after Wednesday night session, it was me and my best friend and another good friend. We were in one of the leader’s truck with her and her twenty-something daughter and we had the eighties station pumped up, and the windows were down and we drove down the road next to the California coast with the 80-degree weather blowing through, we scream-sung Livin’ On A Prayer.
  40. The final one was last summer, I was in Kansas City for the EFCA Challenge youth conference (which btw was one of the best things in my life) and me and my roommates were watching Mamma Mia while we watched the fireworks for Fourth of July outside. Mamma Mia wasn’t the best movie ever, but I liked it and the movie is tied to the memory.
  41. I have a dog named Chuck. He is my baby.
  42. this
  43. was
  44. too
  45. many
  46. things
  47. but i don’t quit.
  48. Ready Now by dodie came out yesterday and it touched my soul, y’all. Although, to be fair there are so many songs that hit me like that.
  49. I write a lot of notes to people and I often wonder if it bothers them XD
  50. I always worry about coming off as clingy, which is dumb because I overanalyze and then freak out and block everyone in the social situation out.
  51. The last movie I saw in theatres was Mary Poppins Returns and that is one of my favorites now.
  52. I watches the Toy Story 4 trailer recently and I feel like I’m going to relate with the spork dude.
  53. I can’t whistle or do the splits because I’m a fairly average, not stretchy person. I make up for lack of athletic/strength abilities in heart and musical talent.
  54. I prefer necklaces/rings/bracelets to earrings, probably because I don’t have pierced ears.
  55. /\ I am terrified of needles, so yeah. (they automatically put me on nitrous oxide when I have any procedure done at the dentist because I am an anxious wreck. yeehaw.)
  56. I love all of the Winnie the Pooh characters and I relate with them all at various points in time, but most of the time, Piglet is my babe. He and I are so freaking similar. XD
  57. In N’ Out Burger is a gift from God. You don’t understand till you leave areas where they are. They are blessings. Count your blessings. *cries*
  58. I have many female theatre loves, but my top three are Laura Osnes, Carrie Hope Fletcher, and Lindsay Mendez.
  59. I like stars and space. (clarification: I like them from earth XD when i see IMAX movies where you are IN space, I kinda panic. I do not speak from experience. 😉 )
  60. I’m part of a band if you didn’t know! My bestie is my bandmate and she is beautiful ❤ (that video took us forever to get right XDDD)
  61. A couple of my favorite YouTubers are Kickthepj, doddlevloggle, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Hannah Hoffman, and youresoloud. My favorite videos of theirs are linked. (obviously I don’t support everything that these humans do. I just like their stuff. 🙂 )
  62. If you offer to watch the entirity of The Lord of The Rings (extended edition) or Star Wars marathon, I will probably love you forever.
  63. Or the BBC Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. That is one of my favorites as well.
  64. When people ask me about writing, I almost always forget anything I have ever written. “oh you’re a writer?” “yeah! *panics, knowing what’s coming*” “what do you write?!” “*cringes* oh… Fantasy fiction stuff… you know like Lord of the Rings? *sobs*” If you meet writers, PLEASE FIGURE OUT HOW TO BETTER WORD THIS . XD
  65. I like sweatshirts to a weird degree.
  66. I have a really pretty yellow sweater that is actually pretty light so I can wear it a lot. It’s over-sized and just lovely.
  67. I would become a cloud if given the chance.
  68. My favorite part of airplane flights is where you go through that layer of clouds and it’s like a cloud city and they’re all so big and YOU’RE IN THEM.
  69. I like the sky, man.
  70. I will walk out of and around a building to get where I need to go if I see a potential interaction or situation that I can’t deal with at the moment.
  71. This my current playlist.
  72. My friends and I in elementary school used to play with a stuffed little guinea pig we named cheese. He was probably filthy and I don’t think we realized he was a guinea pig , but it was fun for the time being.
  73. I have a weighted blanket and ocean sound machine to make sleeping/calming down better
  74. I rarely paint my fingernails because it gets in the way and bothers me. I sometimes paint my toes but not often. I do like it though!
  75. I have run out of things to say… XD and now we are done!

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,

Madeleine ❤

10 thoughts on “seventy-five little things // allow me to elaborate

    k I got a lot of responses so I number them blah blah blah
    27. You did not get solos for being my friend you got solos for being responsible ALSO YOU CAN SING CHILD
    33. It. Literally. Is.
    42.-47. Ahahahaha
    60. Oh my gosh that took f o r e v e r
    62. I’ll watch those with you if you’ll attempt 24-hour Harry Potter marathon with me
    74. Same dude next time we’re together let’s do our toes I’ll probably even be done with pointe by then


    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I watches the Toy Story 4 trailer recently and I feel like I’m going to relate with the spork dude.” My family avoids trailers and stuff before movies, but I saw 2 for the movie before watching The Incredibles 2 (I think that was the right one…) in theatres. Neither of them really revealed anything about the movie (yay) but I WANT TO SEEEEE IIIIIIT! We’ve been waiting so long. 😛 The one I saw was them being happy in slow-mo, but then the spork was there and was like “I DON’T BELONG HERE” and then everything went nuts as they all crashed.
    In slow-mo.
    It was awesome.
    These shows are kind of close to my heart, because I loved watching them when I was younger. Totally loved Woody and Bo Peep. And then I didn’t even know there was a third movie till I was at a friend’s house, and they had it. We had been watching something that was too scary for little me, and so we switched it. (or maybe that was the time I watched The Princess and the Frog? I don’t know 😛 ) But anyway, I told my parents about it, and we got it. So that was awesome. I still really love that movie.
    And this comment is getting way too long, so I’d better stop here. 😝

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  3. I love Rend Collective and Jacob Collier tooooo!!! (Haha I found this post bc I was searching ‘Jacob Collier’ on WordPress haha.) Also, it’s so awesome that you met Jamie Grace with a broken tooth 😭😭💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesss!! What are your fave songs by the both of them? ^_^ Man, I envy your having a signed poster by Rend haha, I wanna meet them someday. Haha how was Jamie like in person? ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. One of my favorite Jacob Collier songs is his cover with Dodie “Here Comes the Sun” and then I love all Rend Collective songs but either the campfire version of You Bled or Free As A Bird. 😊 Jamie was very sweet and super nice in person!

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