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Hey y’all!

My sweet friend Penny tagged me in a lovely little thing a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to do it! So thank you, dearest Penny! *hands you pizza*

*hands you chocolate and coffee too because yeah we all need more of that*



2. Refer To Number 1.

3. There is one absolute rule: You MUST use your own characters (OCs) for this tag. (Brownie points if you add pictures of your characters.)

4. The Sorta Rule: Scream a huge thank you to whoever tagged you for this whilst treating them to a pizza dinner at your favorite pizza chain.

5. The Kinda Rule: Include This Link In The Post So That The Penny Can Read Everyone’s Answers To This Smol Strange Tag

6. The Rule That’s Not Really A Rule But It Would Be Great: Include the graphic and tag at least three Jedi or Sith Lords.


1. Who’s Your Obi-Wan Kenobi? (sassy, a great mentor, but can be a bit strict)

It would have to be Jensem Leharr (Mirage Of Shards).

I realize I haven’t talked too much about Leharr probably because I don’t know too much about him oops sorry also because there is stuff that i would hate myself if i said.

But basically, like Obi-Wan, he will teach you and help you. However, if you make stupid decisions, he will make sassy little comments as he rescues you from said situation.

Leharr truly cares for his students, as far as we can tell, but if he thinks they are being stupid, he will tell them. He expects the best of his squad. He can sometimes be a little uptight and traditional in the squad’s training methods, but they trust him.

Leharr is practically Obi-Wan. I swear.

Related image

2. Who’s Your Leia Organa? (feisty, incredible comebacks, and does their own thing)

Artemis (Mirage of Shards), undoubtedly.

I love these types of characters. You can see their growth throughout the story because of their strong-willed personality. Sometimes they are a little annoying at the beginning of the story, but as it progresses, they are still as strong-willed and has the same comebacks, but they are a little softer and more in love with the people around them.

Artemis is this way. I haven’t finished the draft yet, but her arc will be this way. She is the leader, she is the “heck yeah” girl. She will be the first one to tell you that you did something wrong, and she is the one who rolls her eyes at stupid things. But she stands up for what she believes in, and she stands up for her friends. Even to the point of dying.

She breathes Leia. It’s hilarious how uncanny the resemblance.

Image result for leia organa gifs

3. Who’s Your Finn? (overeager, adorable, a cinnamon roll)

Terralynn (Capax Infiniti), the little bean.

I loved Finn from his introduction, man. He’s the sweetest. His background allows him to see the world a certain, innocent way that someone else may not have. Everything is so fresh, especially after escaping the First Order.

Terralynn is the same way. She is the life of the Breakaway base, exuding a glow over everything. There is a sweetness that flows around her, and contrary to the popular idea, she actually can kick butt. It seems nigh impossible for someone this nice to have the backbone to fight. Haha, that’s cute.

Terralynn is the model for “kill em with kindness”. I mean, yeah a gun, but kindness. I don’t know. XD

Related image

4. Who’s Your Padmé? (kind, loving, but also kick butt)

Cariad (The Wolf Of Talfryn), without a doubt.

Those of you who are familiar with Cari know that she is quite the leader. She cares about those who are under her as well as around her. She is innocent but strong-willed, and she knows what she will and will not stand for.

Such is the way with Padmé. She is sweet, gracious to everyone, but she will not stand for nonsense. She is very smart, and she was the queen of Naboo for a time, as well as a senator. She knows her stuff.

But they both can fight if it comes to it. Beware of their strength. They don’t use it unless they need to, but when they do… yikes, y’all.

Image result for padme amidala gifs

5. Who’s Your Count Dooku? (deliciously evil, extra, and sick burns)

Jensem Leharr… Ima just leave this here… *bwahaha*

Related image

6. Who’s Your BB-8? (too cute, everyone loves them, can do no wrong)


Kesiah Ann (Passerine), y’all. (ignore the little x in the corner. I couldn’t crop it out. sorry XD)

I’m working out Kesiah’s story, but what I can say is that she is the sweetest, most bubbly thing, even in the face of sadness. Also, she’s just plain cute, guys. Like her little mannerisms are so fun. I swear she is the human version of BB-8.

However, like BB-8, she is fairly open about things. She’s pretty frank, and although she may seem completely harmless, she will keep that facade up until threatened. She’s so freaking bubbly. I love it.

She’s just great, y’all.

Related image

7. Who’s Your Yoda? (underestimated, extra, and wise)


Duncan (Mirage of Shards). I like to imagine that I have implanted little pieces of myself in Duncan’s personality, but honestly, who knows. Although, I have heard that a writer is a little bit of all of their characters… so maybe there is hope.

Duncan is one who sees through things. No, he doesn’t have the Force like Yoda, (although he would be the one to have it if my characters had the Force…) but he does have the same or nearly alike sense of discernment and sensing. He’s the one who puts those little fortune cookie sayings into more normal, bite-sized pieces; delivering them to his friends and circles of influence.

Like Yoda, he is smol (not small. there’s a difference.) and seems somewhat crazy. But upon further inspection, he really isn’t. He could probably protect you but forget that; he is a little bean who needs to be protected.

(unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lightsaber. that would be great though.)

Image result for yoda gifs

8. Who’s Your Anakin Skywalker? (bratty, rebellious, whiny)

I think probably it’s either Blaidd (The Wolf of Talfryn) or Kai (Mirage of Shards). Neither of them is completely Anakin, (thank goodness, I find him a little annoying XD) but they both have small elements here and there. (also dude I realized I only had a picture of Kai. That’s okay though. His collage is fire, man. I’m so proud of it.)

Anakin knows he is special. Anakin knows he is chosen and that if he wasn’t around, everyone would be sunk. These two boys aren’t necessarily that, but they are pretty darn close. XD

Blaidd just thinks of himself, whether he would acknowledge it or not, as a sort of justified martyr. Obviously, he gets better by the end of the story, but he knows that he was the one that made it out. But “oh no my family died” and “I don’t wanna think about that day” and he’s a little dramatic read: bratty. XD

Kai, on the other hand, knows that he is heckin skilled. Most of his day-to-day life is training to gain the top of the heap. He knows he is good. And he wants to prove it. Kai will challenge anyone to say otherwise. He does what he thinks is best, for the most part, unless Leharr is there.

Image result for anakin skywalker gifs

9. Who’s Your C3-PO? (always worrying, gives depressing information, constantly wailing)


Bennett (Passerine). Gahh, my little realist booklover. He’s one of my favorite characters, don’t tell the others. I haven’t even written him yet.

He is most definitely the C3-PO of my charries, partially because he doesn’t know how to deal with most people outside of his comfort zone. If he doesn’t know em, might as well stay quiet maybe they’ll go away and if they continue to talk to him, he can at least differ them with his useless facts about the reality of the world.

Image result for c3po gifs

10. Who’s Your Luke Skywalker? (hero, has been through a lot, has their share of flaws)

Jaxen (Mirage of Shards). Hahahah the dork.

I should also say that he is very much Luke Skywalker in that he is as sarcastic and salty as the dude is in The Last Jedi. It’s kind of great and I am totally in love with writing him that way.

He has had his problems and continues to have problems. I am a firm believer in the fact that we cannot have 2D protagonists. not throwing shade but have you see the YA genre nowadays? But dude, boy, is Jaxen messed up. I love him. It’s so great. He greatly resembles Luke Skywalker, especially in your classic “screwed up boy” to “freaking handsome dude who has grown so much since chapter 1”.

Image result for luke skywalker gifs

Hey, it’s time for the TDOP report! Obviously, it hasn’t been a full week of March yet, but here are the first five days! ❤

  1. strawberry dum-dums
  2. shopping with my mom
  3. rainy days with naps
  4. green tea KitKats
  5. nice calligraphy pens

Well, that’s all, you guys! I hope you have had a great week!

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

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  1. WOW this was a lovely post it made me very happy and I can’t even keep half the characters straight tbh XD abut I love them all!


  2. Meep! Thank you so much dear for doing my tag!!!! I LOVED reading your answers!!! ❤❤❤
    Also, I love all your characters. So much. So. Much. 😍😍😍😍😍

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