September Favorites // a list of beautiful things

Hey y’all!!

So, yes. I understand it’s October. I thought since there would still essentially be a week left in September for me to find favorites, or because I have poor planning skills, I should do it the first week of October because that makes more sense. So without further ado, here is a lovely list of things.

  1. I got three new plants!!!! I was an intercessor at a women’s event at church and at the end, I got to take home a couple succulents off the tables. I was so excited. I immediately found an aesthetic home for them. IMG_4698
  2. A week or two ago I went to coffee with a sweet friend of mine at a local coffee shop, Honeybee Coffee Co. Oh my word y’all. People had said it was really good and that I needed to go try it and BOY WERE THEY RIGHT. Guys. There was a honey lavender syrup. I have a new goal to try the honey lavender latte. I must try it.
  3. At church a week ago, there was a good quote from the pastor and it kinda stuck with me all week. He said this and I kinda just froze and was like “…holy smokes… write it dOWN QUICK”

    Every moment a chapel, every breath a song of praise.

  4. Another favorite of mine from September was stumbling across the soundtrack from the recent Broadway musical, Amélie. There is a beautiful whimsy feel around the entire thing, and while I don’t agree with a couple things in it, it is so relaxing to listen to. If there was a Broadway feel that describes me, it might just be this musical. That or Tuck Everlasting. Idk. One of those two. I like the constant state of “This world sometimes is awful but I’m a dreamer so it doesn’t have to make me feel awful” that Amélie has. And while I skip a song or two because there are a few references I’m not okay with (I skip The Commute btw), in all, I love the musical. There is a beautiful breathy note in Thin Air (at about 0:15, I think?) that just gives me chills every time. Listen for it, children. Also, the main theme at the very beginning of the Prologue is like just me. I just love this musical.
  5. This picture I took of a sunset a few weeks ago: IMG_4619
  6. Remember Adriane? From the little side short story I’m doing? Yeah? I made a beautiful aesthetic for her the other day… Adriane collage
  7. I WENT TO FALL CAMP A COUPLE DAYS AGO. I’m still catching up on sleep. I swear, no one in my cabin slept. (Literally, one night we finally all went to sleep except for the girl who was on the bunk below me. One girl was snoring (we never figured out who) and the girl below me had had enough and yelled “WHO’S SNORING” and woke the rest of us up. It was great.) I had a blast at fall camp with my youth group. We were at a beautiful camp, the weather was amazing, and the views of the mountains were spectacular. The worship was INSANE and the speaker was absolutely awesome. I had a lot of free time on Saturday and I didn’t have many friends there (I mean my best friend down here was at camp but he was doing paintball so that and all of my leader friends were around but like other friends), so I actually spent most of the SIX HOURS (it was a looooooot of free time y’all) sitting under a tree, journaling and playing my ukulele. There was some drama that happened that I was not okay with, but I had my best friend to calm me down so everything was okay. Overall, I’d definitely go next year. Here are pictures:
a beautiful view of the mountain behind the glorious place where we got food from.
my view from my personal devotional spot
I went on a train ride with a bunch of kids and leaders who weren’t doing paintball or horseback riding and this was in the middle of the gorge.
“oh my gosh, you went and just played your ukulele under a tree for hours? that’s so artsy and aesthetic.” -cabinmate. Heck yes, I did.

8. I wrote a really calming (I’ve even been told “surreal”) poem…

I just want to get caught beneath the rolling ocean of happiness. The current of warmth, surrounded by creatures of invention and integrity. Wave after wave of sunlight swallows me and I float under the surface of peace. Soft words peck at my cheeks while I descend to the bottom, to reside for eternity.

9. Guys. Remember my best friend, Elizabeth, and I? How we started a band? Yeah? Also, do you remember in our “fifteen get to know you questions video”, we talked a bit about our favorite bands? *drumroll* We decided to make a Spotify playlist for the band’s favorite artists. There are 151 songs on this bad boy. Here is the link to We Are Nameless’ Super Duper Mega Extreme Playlist Of Chaos. This is so much fun on shuffle btw. Elizabeth and I have been dying over the order it shuffles in.

10. Okay finally, I’ve reached the tenth thing in my list of beautiful things. In all honesty, I think the thing that stood out the most this month, out of all these things, was two of my closest friends. I kind of had a tough month, let’s be real. But they were both there to give me hugs (some were virtual. I love you, E. 🙂 ) and encourage me when I felt like not trying anymore. You two are literally the best.

So shout-out to E the Octopus for sticking to my face to make sure I was getting homework done and bribing me with videos you found. I will always and forever love you and will be your octopus in return. I love that you will always be the same quirky person who performed a beautiful duet for House Of Gold with me on the ukulele and you on the kazoo. You rock, chica.  I can’t wait to see you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Also shout-out to my boy, TechSupport, (listen I believe in privacy so ima call you that.) (I also totally wanna start calling you Aaron. Because you are the one who does the talking. XD ) for staying up with me till two am to make sure I was going to be alright again at fall camp. Thank you for restating over and over and over again how much I mean to God and how valued I am. You are literally one of the sweetest people on this Earth. But we probably need to work on your ukulele skills. I speak truth. But no really, you’re the best. (HA A LOOPHOLE. IF I SAY IT HERE YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH ME ON IT. HAHAHAH)

Well, that was fun! I hope y’all enjoyed this!

Now go forth, mi amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


6 thoughts on “September Favorites // a list of beautiful things

  1. Sounds like you had fun at camp 🙂 And your one friend actually sounds a lot like this one friend that I also have. (He’s also a guy, but seriously, he’s super sweet and amazing. I’ve been trying to write a character in a book based on him, but… UGH. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how difficult it is to write someone that awesome. 😖)


  2. Okay but like that playlist- really quality shuffle man it’s magical chaos. Love you too and I cant wait to see you either!!! (Knowing is we should prolly start planning for the next time we do now 😂😂). ((And I see your subtle video hinting. Maybe I can start next weekend. I’m kinda busy 😅😅))


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