Get To Know Me Tag – Writer’s Edition // Let’s Peak Inside The Insanity Of My Writing Brain!!!

Hey Y’all!

How are you guys? I hope you’re doing well. I love you, every single one of ya. *hugs* You guys are the sweetest. 🙂

So a week or two ago, (I actually don’t remember when it was) (sorry) my lovely friend Addie tagged for a tag (wow that’s a quality sentence… I swear I’m a writer honest) that’s kinda a get-to-know-you tag. But for WRITERS. And I was like “ooh this looks so fun I love these things”.

THEREFORE, today shall be a get-to-know-you day. *cheers*

Let’s get this beautiful mess rolling.

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Name: Madeleine

Nickname: Maddy is the most used one, (haha no one except writer friends call me Madeleine. It’s like my superhero name), Maddy MoMo (family members use this one occasionally), Mo, MoMo, Ashley (there’s a funny story behind this one. One of my most bestest friends down here, when he first met me, thought I looked like an Ashley so called me Ashley for a while. I give him such a hard time about it XD), Octopus (not gonna explain this one 🙂 )

Birthday: the day I was born of course! 😉

Hair color/length: It’s pretty long. It is like blonde-brown-mousse-i don’t even know colored. *shrugs*

Braces/piercings/tattoos: Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m so boring. I want to get my ears pierced eventually, but I keep putting it off because I’m deathly afraid of needles. So there’s a fun fact…

Righty or lefty: I actually have four arms so… I can’t choose one. The rest will feel left out. *hugs myself with all four arms*

Ethnicity: I’m from Rohan. Idk what you’d call that.

(I’m never gonna answer these questions hahaHAAA)


First novel written: Brietta of Skylas. I paused it. It’s not actually done. I just got tired of it. Hopefully, I’ll return and revamp it someday but it’s my first novel, so it’s really hard for me to look at without cringing so we’ll see if that ever happens.

First novel completed: *sweats nervously* OHMYWORD IS THAT FREE PIZZA LOOK OVER THERE

Awards for writing: …I got the sunshine blogger award one time… does that count? XD

First publication: uhhhhh

Conferences: *silence*

Queries/pitches: *more silence*

(thank goodness that section is done… it’s so empty XD)


Novel (that you wrote): *pats novels on their heads* I love you all, children, but my favorite doesn’t exist yet. There is one that I’ve told no one about and don’t plan on doing so for a good while. 🙂

Genre: Fantasy. Hands down. Any branch of fantasy. Gimme all the fantasy. Fantasy is a wide range of novels and I love em all.

Author: *SCREAMING* how do you expect me to know this??????????? I’ll just give you a large selection. *takes deep breath* (these are in no order I have no favorite favorites) Jane Austen, J.R.R Tolkien, Victor Hugo, John Flanagan, Madeleine L’Engle (hm wonder why), K.M Weiland, Lois Walfrid Johnson, Shannon Hale, Annie F. Downs, (I’m literally just looking at my bookshelf and writing down what I see because I have no clue what to say I have so many)

Writing music: 

Here is a selection of my “ultimate writing playlist”… It is 257 songs long……… I have a soundtrack problem………. h e l p.

Time I write: laaaaaaaaaaaate. way too laaaaate.

Writing snack/drink: Funny thing; I don’t actually have food or drinks when I write. Just because I’m so freaking easily distracted that if I have food I’ll just be like “y’all I have food this is the best” and then never do anything… so that.

Movie: go-to’s are The Fellowship of the Ring, Ratatouille, or a filmed musical by Sight & Sound (my personal favorite is Moses. If you want to know more about S&S click here and if you want to know more about Moses click here. You won’t regret it. Sight & Sound is the best.) But other than that, I love most movies depending on my mood.

Writing memory: *dying with laughter* oh my word okay so last November, I was doing NaNoWriMo and really wanted to win but I was at 35k on the last day so I got home from co-op and wrote non-stop until 2:30am (because I had switched my computer time to West Coast time because NaNo stopped at 12am but if I was on East Coast time I got a whole extra three hours!! I’m such a genius) But long story short, I didn’t finish but I got to 43k. I was so disappointed. And tired. But it was fun. I’m probably gonna do that again this year too. I can’t wait. XD

Childhood book: uhhhhhh… Probably the Narnia series. My family listened to them on roadtrips so I have some pretty good memories of us in the car listening to them.


Writing: I’m not actually writing anything right now. I’m outlining my NaNo novel though!

Listening to: the soundtrack to my favorite Sight & Sound show, Jesus. (I can’t wait for the film of it to be available for purchase. Because I saw it before we moved and it was absolutely the best. I cried so much and I want to own it.) It’s the best.

Watching: I actually haven’t been watching anything lately. Too much going on. But if I had time, I’d watch either LoTR, Star Wars, or Newsies Live.

Learning: life lessons about how bad I am at time management… It’s fine. Everything is fine. *sobs*


Want to be published?: HECK. YES.

Indie or traditional?: Tbh either one includes me getting published so I don’t care.

Wildest goal: to make it through high school and college. Jk. But no seriously XD


Ummmm let’s see….

Abigail @ Father’s Joy

Emmie @ Invisible Ink

Jaclynn @ Jaclynn Marie Author

Julia @ Julia Rose Author

Shannon @ Write On

*mwahaha* Well that was an adventure. Glad y’all were here to experience it. XD

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,



6 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag – Writer’s Edition // Let’s Peak Inside The Insanity Of My Writing Brain!!!

  1. I have 338 songs on a playlist currently, and there are some new albums that I am wanting to add.

    Also, I am trying to go through all my music and sort it into playlists for scenes. (Sad/death scenes, happy scenes, epic scenes, etc.) (I always get the wrong type of music coming on when I’m trying to write, and it kills the mood I’ve carefully cultivated. So I need this. Even though it will take forever. 😂)


      1. It’s hard 😂 I only make it through a few songs a day. I am listening to all the songs in all the albums, even the ones I don’t own, because while I may not play some songs around other people because they’re so dark, they may be perfect for a scene. But I keep getting distracted and having to restart the song so I can try to figure out what list it would go on.


      2. Ahhh yes the good old “Oh no I can’t play this song around people because they’d think I’m a psychopath”. That happens so much to me. I’ll be listening and then “sKIP SKIP SKIP” ;D

        Liked by 1 person

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