Beyond Worthy // Guest Post by Abigail

Hey y’all!

Guess what! I’ve got one of my amazing blogger friends guest-posting today!!! Abigail is a sweetheart who graciously agreed to post today, and I read her post and I was just like “oh my gosh it’s good.”

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Welcome Abigail!

Words are too little, and their meanings far too small. There’s no way to describe the indescribable. No way to make someone understand how above worthy Christ is of everything around us, from the tiniest blade of grass the sun shines on to the spinning globe itself.


There’s no way to foresee the glories of the sun-flooded, joy-engulfed Far Country. But just knowing that the tallest mountain, wrapped in the pre-dawn mist and blanketed with pine forests, splashed with the first taste of sunrise, is only a whispered shadow of what’s to come, is enough for me. Christ is worthy of that unfathomable glory. He’s worthy of so much more than we can give.


Soul-flooding beauty exists. It’s in the shining eyes of an innocent face, in the moment when clouds reflect the radiant sunset when a lone voice raises in worship in the middle of a wilderness. Beauty isn’t here to make us happy. True beauty is content with just being beautiful for the sake of the Savior. It’s a pocket of undiscovered heaven on earth, unseen splendor, that exists not to be seen by the skeptical eyes of sinful man, but for its Creator.


We are temples, and our hearts are made to be all for God. Our beauties don’t exist to receive praise. The beautiful inward character that He cultivates? Not to earn “Christian of the year” or to shine as the godliest person in any set of social circles. Can’t we learn to be content with being beautiful for our King? If the mountains and oceans, the faces and nations that make my heart ache with their beauty were content for thousands of years to shine solely upwards, I should be, too.


Beauty exists. Too much of it is flaunted and exposed to the unworthy critique of man. Too little is saved to be beautiful for God. Instead of wearing all my character traits and talents on my sleeve, instead of trying to make history books and be talked about, I need to learn to plant the fruits of my character where no one will notice, and no earthly praise will reach my ears.


The praise of God, the acknowledgment of a holy King on his golden throne in the Far Country is enough. He loves me, He sent His gift of His Son and His Holy Spirit to earth for me, and one day He’ll come back for me. Christ is beyond worthy of my tattered heart, but it’s all I have to give. And, somehow, He thinks it’s enough. He has my heart, He has my life, and He has my eternity.


All He asks for now is that I be content with His praise, and stop seeking for man’s. He has made me worthy of Him, and He’s beyond worthy of everything I can give Him. If I’m accepted by the King of Heaven, Redeemer of His cursed children, Father of my heart, that should be enough.


And it is.

Credit to Andrew Peterson’s song, The Far Country, for giving me an amazingly descriptive name for heaven.

❤ Thank you, Abigail!!! ❤

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  1. Thank you so much, Madeleine!! It was so sweet of you to ask me to post! I loved getting a chance to visit on the Introverted Raconteur ❤ ❤


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