Interview With Author Kellyn Roth

Hey y’all!!

So I know it ain’t a Tuesday but it’s fine because it’s a SPECIAL OCCASION!!!! JOINING ME IS MY LOVELY FRIEND KELLYN ROTH!!!!!

Kellyn is a Christian & historical author, blogger, and graphic designer. In short, she’s pretty super duper. She’s over here to hang out today because she is doing something seriously cool! Kellyn is relaunching her blog tomorrow!!

*screeches in the general direction of the sky*

*throws excitement confetti*

Reveries content

Let’s get started, Kellyn! (I’m lowkey crazy excited…)

So when did you start writing? Was it always a fun thing for you to do?

K: I started to write when I was probably about seven. I’ve always enjoyed it. I started writing “just for fun,” and I never really stopped having that “this is something I enjoy” mentality. Which I think is something important for a creative art like writing.

I know you prefer historical fiction. Is there a time period/setting that you would love to write about but haven’t yet?

K: I definitely have several I just haven’t gotten to yet. One of them would be the times of the Roman Empire or the golden age of Egypt. I’d definitely enjoy writing a novel set during those times! However, I just have never gotten to it.

If there are people out there who have a story that is bursting at the seams of their mind but they don’t know how to start or what to do, what is one tip you would give them?

K: Well, I’d say write down everything you know about that story that you know and then do a little daydreaming. Just figure out what the story is about and who is in it if you can. Then keep developing the story. When you feel you’re ready to write, whether that’s almost immediately or after you’ve outlined, just write it! And don’t worry about what goes on the paper. As long as you’re writing, you can’t go wrong. Sometimes a first draft can be a bit of a brain dump, and that’s perfectly okay.

What are your favorite things about writing and blogging?

K: Well, those are two very different things!

Writing – definitely the characters! I love developing them and learning about them and talking about them and to them and finding out their stories.

For blogging, it’s more about interacting with my friends, having fun inside jokes, exploding the comments with fangirling and random references, and in general just having a good time.

Your book, At Her Fingertips, just came out. Can you tell people a little about it? Where can we get it?

K: Of course! At Her Fingertips is a historical romance with heavy Christian themes. It’s the story of Alice Knight, a young woman with a plan, who is embarking on her first “social season” in London in attempts to find a husband. However, nothing goes according to plan, of course! You can find At Her Fingertips on multiple sales channels in both paperback and ebook – which are listed here!

Okay, now I’ve got some rapid fire questions. Ready?

K: Ready!!!

Here we go! Favorite novel series (hehehe good luck 😀 )?

K: WHAT?! Too hard! Ummm … can I go with every series by Sarah Sundin? If I had to pick one of hers, I’d say Wings of Glory, though her newest series looks promising!

Favorite pastime (besides writing of course 😉 )?

K: Besides blogging and designing and whatnot, too, I’d assume. 😉 I’m going to go with horses! I absolutely love riding!

Finally, the most important question of ALL TIME (no pressure), what’s your favorite dessert?

K: DEFINITELY the most important question! And the answer is *drumroll* … I don’t know! All the things with sugar? Right now popcorn and marshmallows sounds good, though so does chocolate cake. Or icecream. I especially love icecream with peanut butter syrup (don’t judge!).

Thank you, Kellyn!! She is also running a giveaway on her blog to celebrate the launch! Go check it out!!!! ❤



Kellyn Roth

Christian & Historical Author, Blogger, and Graphic Designer.



Facebook: krauthor

Twitter: ReveriesofRuby

6 thoughts on “Interview With Author Kellyn Roth

  1. Just a question about the giveaway: which books are being given away? I see lots of different names for following on Twitter and stuff, so I want to know before I enter what I would get if I happened to win, haha!


  2. Kellyn –
    I can’t believe how beautiful you are!! It’s incredible that the Lord is using you in such a huge way. Don’t stop writing 🙂

    Madeleine –
    Such a great interview! I love how you let yourself be yourself on here. You have such a beautiful face, heart, and dream (s). Thanks for doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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