Livin’ On A Prayer: A Life Lesson Illustrated By A Classic 80’s Song

Hey y’all!!

(*cough* I can say that now without feeling like a fraud. I finished unpacking my room in our new Southern house last week. I love it.)

Hey, guess what.

I have no idea what my next life step is.


*motions for quiet* no no no, listen to me. I’ve got good things to say.

You know that old Bon Jovi song, Livin’ On A Prayer? Recently, I’ve been feeling like this song is just where I am in life right now. The moment in between successes. The point where you’ve come off the adrenaline of one great adventure and now you’re staring straight into the eyes of another one (that’s looming VERY MENACINGLY over you… with poison pouring off its fangs… and is carrying an axe… and wants you dead and stuffed on its wall… okay fine, you get the picture.) And even though it’s absolutely fantabulous deep down, it looks like it is gonna wipe you off your metaphorical surfboard.


That’s what life is like for me right now.

Send help, please. 🙂

But to quote Bon Jovi,

“We gotta hold on to what we got,

it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not;

Woahhhhh we’re halfway there,






You’re welcome. Glad we had this moment. I needed that.

But nevertheless, does anyone need to scream/sing that? If so please take a little break from this post, go sing at the sky, and then hurry on back. Because even though you were gone like literally a minute or two, I already miss you.



YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, enough shenanigans.

Craziness and quirks aside, I have felt pretty lonely/scared/anxious/fill-in-the-adjective-here in the last few weeks. Moving to a new town is hard on anyone, and I. AM. FEELING. IT. And whilst experiencing that lovely rollercoaster of emotional turmoil, there have been MANY times where someone questions my dreams or desired future of being a (young) writer. And that has been painful and it’s continually hard to keep smiling when they ask that.

(*cough* I would like to take this moment to say: becoming a young writer IS in fact possible. Ask my friends Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe.)

But the one thing that has been keeping me up and running (besides lots of caffeine) is the knowledge that my God has already got so many good things in store for me. He already has perfectly crafted my future and it. is. good.

No matter what is happening around me, I can always fall back on the truth that Jesus has got my back and will never let me fall or fail. I know that even when I feel lost and don’t know what to do, God is guiding my steps and has a path before my feet. I just gotta get out of my car like “ye olden days” and ask for directions.

So even though it seems, quite frankly, foggy and dark and I can’t see what’s up ahead, I don’t need to because I got the world’s best co-pilot. And as long as I’m tapped into the intercom, I can walk out my calling, one stumbling step at a time.

I know, I’m only a sophomore. Well, I guess not even that yet. But I have big dreams, a great calling, and a gracious and loving Father. And if I keep my goals set relatively high and my sights set on Him, who knows what I’ll accomplish? I COULD WRITE THE NEXT CHRISTIAN FICTION BESTSELLER. WHO KNOWS?

(This also goes for my music career. Not to draw attention to that, but my music career will be touched on soon… WHAT? YOU HEARD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. *sly grin* *disappears into shadow*)

Woaaaah we’re halfway there…

Oh!!!! Before we end!!!

Guess what happened last week!!!!! (I mean besides me moving to a new state and all…)

I GOT PUBLISHED ON THE REBELUTION!!!!!!!!! *confetti explodes everywhere* 

Also, be good humans and go check out my two guest poster’s blogs! They were so gracious in providing me help in the last two weeks because it was gonna be ABSOLUTELY CRAZY if they hadn’t!!! Give them a high five or something. They rock. 🙂

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


11 thoughts on “Livin’ On A Prayer: A Life Lesson Illustrated By A Classic 80’s Song

  1. Don’t give up, Madeleine! I feel you…I’m kind of waiting for the next step in my life. All you can do is just prepare with what you have, pray, work on the small things, and leave the rest up to God.

    I just finished this AMAZING book, and it may help you. It’s called “Death by Living” by N. D. Wilson, one of the greatest writers of all time (!!). Yes, I’m geeking out about it. It’s an awesome life perspective by a Christian.

    If you feel lonely, don’t give in. I was horribly lonely last summer, and kept praying for good friends. God answered that last September by organizing this homeschool co-op, which had EIGHT future besties in my class. It was amazing to watch Him work!

    Also, NEVER get down about your writing! If that’s your passion, God can use it for His glory, no matter how many people think it’s “too ambitious” or “silly” that that’s your dream. God is your everything; run to Him!! (like it sounds like you are 🙂 )

    I’ll be praying for you!!


  2. Good morning Maddy😊…praying these next few weeks will be fabulous for you!! So happy you will be making lots of new friends in your next adventure!! Keep writing and trust God in everything😊


  3. *whistles softly from the shadows to the tune of I’ve Got a Dream from Tangled* This was a good one Maddy. I’m really proud of your perspective on everything even though it’s confusing.


    1. *hums back because I can’t whistle* Thank you, my dear! Much appreciated. (but believe me, there is mental screaming behind the scenes, for sure! 😀 ) ❤ Can't wait to see you!


  4. If you want tips/things I’ve learned from failing as an author, then by all means, I’ll be happy to share!! 😂 Try having a blog tour when your book launches. When you are setting it up, ask people who follow you to sign up in a blog post. Whatever you do, don’t contact people directly unless you’re very good friends with them. Since they’re already loyal readers of your’s, they’ll be happy and very willing to scream about your book on their blogs and help spread the word about your book.
    I hope that you find your place in your new home. 😃 (man I feel like I’m wording that weirdly! But I can’t remember the right words 😂) Best of luck!


  5. Maddy, I LOVED this post! I can’t even imagine the last two weeks you and your family have had, but you are hanging in there like you always do. The secret to everything in life is trusting God, and you’ve got that part down. As for whistling, I wouldn’t worry about that. Mr. Rogers couldn’t whistle either, and he was awesome. And like Mr. Rogers always said, “I like you just the way you are.” Don’t worry about people who might question you. Whatever you do, God has got your back. Love you!


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