The Playlist Series (June Edition!)

Hey y’all!!

HAPPY JUNE!!! Because my brain has decided to call it summer now, I’m going to talk a little about something that really feels like summer to me. BROADWAY. To make this easier (and shorter!) for you to read, I have picked my VERY favorites. Only five songs. (Not in any order. I had enough trouble as it is) I’m gonna jump right in because honestly, today’s subject is something I could talk about for hours and if I don’t start now, you will be reading this for a really, really long time. Drumroll, please!

*aforementioned drumroll*


Alrighty y’all!! Here we goooooooo!!


1. Seize the Day – Newsies

Probably one of the best Broadway songs. Ever. (guilt hits me as I realize this entire album is amazing and I only picked this one because it was like the main song… *sigh* oh well) I love the power and stand-together-ness of this song. Also, the fact that there is a dance break in the middle with dance noises. It helps me know exactly what they do at certain points. (*cough* so I can watch the live version in my head without having to physically watch it. Ha, I beat the system. *maniacal laughter*) And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST the Ben Fankhauser bit at the beginning, man. *dies*


2. Live Like This – Tuck Everlasting

This show is so sweet. I only just recently got into this show (and by recently I mean 6 months ago… *facepalm*) and fell in love immediately. There is so much joy and happy feelings in this song and it’s just pretty. (also I know the choreo… I have a problem…) Winnie is such a sweet girl and she just wanted to live life. At the same time, Jesse (ack sweet child) is coming back to Treegap, New Hampshire. (did you sing that part? *jazz hands offstage*)

3. One Day More – Les Miserables

‘TIS A CLASSIC SONG. ‘TIS A BEAUTIFUL SONG. ‘TIS A WONDERFUL SONG. I’ll stop… *nervous laughter* I love this musical. This musical was one of my very first obsessions, and as far as I can see, it’s gonna continue to be a classic for a long time. I like the movie version, but the 25th anniversary one is my favorite I think.


4. Masquerade / Why So Silent? – The Phantom Of The Opera

This one is just fun. Like, super fun. If you know all the words, you can just belt it at whim. I mean, not like I’ve done that… *cough* Once again, I am an avid fan of the 25th anniversary edition. Maybe I like Sierra Boggess, maybe I like the updated sound. (also RAMIN KARIMLOO. *applauds*)


5. If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty & The Beast

To be perfectly honest, this song is a little sad. But it’s a good sad. (if that’s even possible) This one is so pretty and Terrence Mann’s voice carries the emotion beautifully. Also, it’s weird to listen to when he plays many characters all across Broadway. (Javert, The Man In The Yellow Suit, etc.)

This has been so much fun! I’d better go listen to my huge Broadway playlist now!!

Also, I’m taking a two-week break type thing, only because life is gonna be super crazy. My family is moving, and I need to be present and helping as much as possible. But, NEVER FEAR! I have two amazing people who volunteered to guest post! I won’t be gone long! I’ll be back the 26th!!

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


What are your favorite Broadway songs?? Tell me in the comments!!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Playlist Series (June Edition!)

  1. I have a lot of favorite Broadway songs. Also love “Seize the Day”, “One Day More”, and “If I Can’t Love Her”.

    All the sad musical songs I love are good sad ones because I care about the characters enough to want to feel their emotions. Now on to some of my favorite Broadway songs.

    1. Defying Gravity
    2. As Long As Your’e Mine
    3. I’m Not That Girl
    4. Popular
    5. Dancing Through Life
    6. The World Will Know
    7. Santa Fe (Prologue)
    8. Santa Fe
    9. Carrying the Banner
    10. Something to Believe In
    11. On My Own
    12. A Little Fall of Rain
    13. Drink With Me
    14. I Dreamed a Dream
    15. Do You Hear the People Sing
    16. Tomorrow
    17. Hard Knock Life
    18. Your’e Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
    19. Sound of Music
    20. Do Re Mi
    21. My Favorite Things
    22. etc

    Just have too many favorites


  2. Love The Sound of Music❤️. All the songs are wonderful. My Favorite Things and Climb Ev’ry Mountain are two of my favorites!!


  3. K I’m not even trying to list faves (you already know) but I looove song ramblings and yes I sang Treegap, New Hampshire (I blame you for that entirely). Also is this why you asked me Seize the Day or Watch What Happens??? Because GAH just choose all of them.


    1. Hahahahah POWER. 😉

      And yeah, that’s why I asked you. I would’ve done both except I didn’t want to break the number 5. XD “Today we’re talking about my favorite Broadway songs! *flings entire album at you*”


  4. I just learned that Tuck Everlasting is a musical! I only knew the book before this. I’m gonna have to go listen. Thanks, Maddy!


    1. Yeah!! (tbh I only knew it as a musical since I never had to read it for school or anything… *goes and hides*) I’ve heard it’s sort of different, you know like only a little bit was changed. It’s really good. (And I’ve seen it too, thanks to YouTube’s endless supply of bootlegs 🙂 )


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