The Playlist Series (May Edition!)

Hey Y’all!

So today is a special day because my birthday is in a few days!! And to kinda celebrate with y’all, I have decided to share with y’all a few songs that have been/are important to me. Anyways, it’s is a short little post but a decent one nonetheless. Let’s go!!

Songs That Are Meaningful To Me

  1. Stand – Susan Ashton. This song has been an anthem of sorts for me in the past year. The last four years have been difficult for me, just relationally, and someone was praying over me like a year ago and this song came to her mind. Ever since it’s been my battle cry. I don’t normally listen to older songs, but this one is super special to me. No matter what I’m going through, no matter how lonely I am, God is always there and I can stand on Him.
    And I’ll stand with my face to the wind
    With the storm beating down on this sacred ground
    If I stand for the grace that I’ve known, for what I believe
    Then I won’t stand alone, no I won’t stand alone
  2. Find You Here – Ellie Holcomb. This is one song that I will always listen to before something big. Whether it be a new school, a new dance class, or just something where my social anxiety is guaranteed to flare up, I make sure I listen to this one. The chill instrumentation mixed with soothing lyrics are a beautiful reminder that I’m not alone and that God walks with us even in the hard times.

    I didn’t know I’d find you here, in the middle of my deepest fear, but You have drawn near, You are overwhelming me with Peace, so I lift my voice and sing. You’re gonna carry us through everything, You have drawn near, You’re overwhelming all my fears with peace.

  3. Weep With Me – Rend Collective. I was at a Rend Collective concert two days ago and when they did this one I just sat there and cried. This song has impacted me so much. Chris Llewellyn talked a bit about it before he performed it acoustically with just him and a guitar (which made me cry too) and he said that it was a song for those who are hurting and can’t sing the super peppy worship songs. For those of us who are in pain, and we don’t feel like we can be bouncy.

    Weep with me, Lord, will you weep with me? I don’t need answers, all I need is to know that You care for me. Hear my plea, are you even listening? Lord, I will wrestle with Your heart but I won’t let You go.

  4. Joy of the Lord – Rend Collective. This has been one of my anthems and I even have a shirt with lyrics on it. I specifically put this one under Weep With Me because we don’t want to stay in the sad. Not that sad isn’t real, David wrote laments all the time. But is that where we want our heart? Once we weep, we must wipe our tears away and declare joy and God’s victory over our lives. When I just surrender to Him and praise him without any reservations despite my pain, it lifts me up out of the extremes that I was dealing with.

    The joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength. In the darkness I’ll dance, in the shadows I’ll sing, the joy of the Lord is my strength.

  5. Who Will You Be – Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith. I love this song just from a writer perspective. It’s empowered me many times just because I know I’m being heard and I can do something with my words. Do Hard Things, right? 🙂

    Be a story like nobody’s heard. Change the world with every word. Let this life you live be a legacy. Where will you go? I can’t wait to see: who will you be?

Well, that’s all we have time for today, folks! I hope you have enjoyed this one! I certainly did. I might post on my birthday, but we will see. It’ll be extra short if I do, but that is alright! (it might even be an announcement…who knows…)

Now go forth, mis amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


What are the songs that are most meaningful to you? Tell me in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Playlist Series (May Edition!)

  1. Just went on tour with my high school choir and love some of the songs we sang. ‘Before the Throne of God Above’, ‘Ancient Words’, Elijah Rock’. Just a few of my favs😊

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