Easter Poem

Hey Y’all!

I know it isn’t a Tuesday, but I wanted to share this poem that I wrote a few days ago. I had been thinking about Easter being on April Fool’s Day and my brain automatically thought “Wow I’m glad Easter isn’t a joke!” and then I like halted everything and sat there in silence because dude, that is a great poetry prompt. So I ran to my computer and typed this up for you! Hope you enjoy!


Easter Isn’t A Joke.

A first of the month,

Once bringing jokes,

Now bringing redemption.

My world was black as the night.

But there is sweet freedom in Christ!

I can fly in dear forgiveness.

Forever, eternal, everlasting.

Aren’t you glad Easter isn’t a joke?


Rising that morning,

He conquered death.

Once for all,

Brutally murdered in my place.

How gracious and loving is the Father!

That should have been me.

But now I’m pardoned and my chains have been split.

Aren’t you glad Easter isn’t a joke?


I’ll die one day.

Or will I?

My precious Savior has banned even death from me.

He’ll come back and take me home.

No more death or sorrow or tears.

I’ll breathe the sweet air of Heaven!

Praise my holy and loving Savior.

Aren’t you glad Easter isn’t a joke?

Tell me what you think about this poem in the comments!!

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