The Benefits Of Being A Writer

Hey Y’all!

Today I’m switching to my normal writing mode! *loud applause and chocolate is thrown from the stage* Previously, I’ve been caught up in all the new blog stuff. After the first Tuesday, there was St. Patrick’s Day and I felt compelled to write about that. But now, for the most part, I believe we don’t have anything too exciting like a holiday coming up soon. So we are swinging into what I plan to have become pretty normal: writing!

So I know some of you lovely readers are writers and some of you have other areas of interest! But today we will be talking about the benefits of writing. This is something that if you are a writer, you can relate to, and if you are a non-writer, you can have something to think about if you potentially wanted to become one! Let’s get started!

The Benefits Of Being A Writer (as told by a writer)!

The first benefit of writing is you have complete control. This is what I think to be the most fun. *whispers* There are no rules. It is your story. Isn’t that freeing?? Like you can do anything! Wanna throw a random waterskiing ostrich into your sci-fi world? Go ahead! (I’m not saying you should do that. If it works with your story, then sure. I’m just saying you can do whatever. 🙂 not necessarily that you should though. 😉 ) It’s honestly one of the greatest things in the world to be doing something and then all of a sudden go “OOH I SHOULD DO THIS INSTEAD OF THIS.” This freedom is really helpful in the mental part of writing because if you restrict yourself too much, it will definitely hinder your imagination.

The second benefit of writing is that because our imagination is endless, there are limitless story ideas. Our brains are fascinating that way. We can have limitless opportunities for plots, characters, ANYTHING!! Even if an idea has already been done to death, we can take certain aspects of the plot, setting, etc. and change them just slightly and POOF you have a brand new, refreshing story! And let me tell you, these types of stories are some of my favorites. *cough cough* The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale… *cough*

The third benefit of being a writer is you get to torture readers. *maniacal laugh* Those of you who don’t write just took a step backward. I sensed it. 😉 Literally one of my favorite parts of being a writer is this reason. Cliffhangers at the end of chapters, traumatic backstory, excruciating pain, killing off secondary characters left and right… the list goes on. I have been nominated on Evil Author Unite day at YWW before. (And if you are planning on alpha-ing/editing/reading my WIP, it is gonna be a bumpy ride of feels, friend. 🙂 ) You have control over your audience and can kill them emotionally through words. I think that is super cool. 🙂

So if you are a writer, I hope this post has encouraged you to keep on writing because of the impact you’re making and because of the pure joy it is! And if you are a reader, here are some reasons you may want to become a writer!! Maybe you’ll want to begin crafting your beautifully scripted novel once you read this! Who knows! This post may have inspired people to begin writing!! (wow now I feel sentimental) But no matter what you choose to do with this post, trust me. It’s lots of fun. 😉

Now go forth, mi amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


P.S. sorry for the short post! I’ve been pretty busy! ❤



Are you a writer? Tell me your favorite things about being a writer in the comments! Are you a reader? What are some of your favorite things your favorite authors do? Tell me in the comments!!

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