St. Patrick’s Day and My Favorite Band From Ireland!

Hey Y’all!!

So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday *throws shamrocks around for all*, I thought I would talk a wee bit about the holiday itself and then finish up with a wee bit about my favorite Irish band, Rend Collective. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I’m sure you have heard the story of St. Patrick. But just in case you haven’t, here is the basic summary. (if you would like an amazing version of the story, copy this link. This is my childhood. )

The Story Of St. Patrick

In 387 A.D., Maewyn Succat was born in England. He was raised in a strong Christian home but wasn’t that excited about the faith. When he was 16, he was captured by pirates (“That’s not normal.” “If you were too normal, you would not have a holiday named after you.” “Good point.”) The pirates took him to Ireland and sold him. He spent the next six years there, tending the flocks of a Druid chieftain. During this time, Maewyn served his master well and learned the Celtic language. Through all of this, Maewyn began to follow Christ.  His faith grew stronger in adversity (like it always does) and soon he was praying almost 100 times a day!

After six years of labor, Maewyn escaped and walked ~200 miles before reaching the sea and taking a boat the rest of the way home to England. Upon arriving, he began training under St. Germain to become a priest. A little time in though, Maewyn felt a call to go back to Ireland and teach the Celtic people about Christ. He told St. Germain about it, and Germain talked to the pope, and suddenly Maewyn was headed to Rome to see the pope! After talking with Maewyn, Pope Celestine gave him his permission and a new name. Maewyn was re-named “Patritius” or Patrick.

Interestingly, Patrick was not the first missionary to attempt to influence the Druids. A man by the name of Palladius had tried some years ago and failed, due to his lack of knowledge of the language and culture of the Celtic people. But Patrick had six years of experience with these men!! God could not have laid this out better.

Even though he knew more about them, Patrick still struggled to relate to these people and convey the gospel. Legend has it that one day as he was looking to find an analogy for the concept of the Trinity. He saw a three leaf clover nearby, picked it up, and described it this way: God is like a shamrock because he is three persons in one. He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Three persons but united as one.

Patrick spent the rest of his life witnessing and teaching the Celtic people. On March 17, 460 A.D., Patrick died at the age of 73. Because of his extensive ministry and impact, he received one last name change: Saint Patrick. If you really want a good picture of how much impact had on Ireland, here are some estimates people have made. In his lifetime, Patrick baptized ~10,000 people and planted ~300 churches. That is a crazy big number, guys!! Maewyn/Patrick had an amazing, awe-inspiring life. This is the reason he is one of my role models. He truly lived out what the Bible said about “go and make disciples”!

Now speaking of Christian Irish people who are from Ireland but they go a lot of places *facepalm* *cheesy segway, guys, I know*, let’s talk a little bit about Rend Collective!

The band is made up of Gareth Gilkeson, his wife Ali Gilkeson, Chris Llewellyn, Patrick Thompson, and Stephen Mitchell. This is a little blurb from their website that I think describes them really well 😀

Rend Collective have never lacked imagination. From the bewildering array of children’s toys and whimsical, handmade oddities they call instruments, to the hare-brained and wonderfully impractical scheme of recording a live album on the beach around a campfire, to the safety-defying audacity of shooting a music video on a fully-operational fishing boat in the turbulent Irish Sea, this fascinating worship community have always pursued the colorful and unexpected.

These wonderful people have such radiant joy, both on stage and in their music and in their personal lives. They are so honest and warm. (plus I could literally listen to them just talk for legit hours on end. I am a sucker for cool accents.)

So that about concludes our little St. Patrick’s Day post here! Maybe on Saturday, you can listen to some Rend! I hope you wear some green!!!

Now go forth, mi amigos and amigas, and smile. Your day is just beginning. Make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate. Work hard. Make me proud. 🙂

Love you all,


Tell me about how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the comments!!

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